Proper Nutrition For A Healthy Prostate

A healthy diet increases the quality of life in the long term, contributes to improving the state of health, and can prevent the occurrence of later illnesses.

Diet and prostate disease

An international comparison shows a connection between nutrition and health depending on the eating habits in different countries, certain diseases occur more frequently or less frequently. If you compare the eating habits in Asia with those in Europe, it is noticeable that less unhealthy fats and more fiber are consumed in Asia. In Europe, this is the opposite. Southern Europe is an exception because, in the Mediterranean area, the Mediterranean diet contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Fewer men suffer from prostate disease here than in other parts of Europe.

The hormonal balance of the human body can be influenced by a healthy diet. The pathological enlargement of the prostate, as well as prostate cancer, is often triggered by a shift in the male sex hormones.

Good for the prostate: What else can you do?

Diet plays an important role in preventing prostate cancer. But other factors also contribute to prostate health. A healthy prostate supplement can help with prostate problems. Reading Prostadine reviews will help you understand the importance of maintaining the health of your prostate.


Movement and sport

Sports or exercise should be incorporated daily to minimize the risk of developing prostate cancer. 2.5 hours of moderate physical activity per week or 10,000 steps per day is recommended for a positive effect.

Normal weight

Studies show that the risk of prostate disease increases with weight gain. This is justified on the one hand by the late detection of the disease since overweight people have an enlarged prostate. On the other hand, the adipose tissue influences hormone metabolism. A normal weight should therefore be aimed for and can be achieved through a healthy lifestyle.


Alcohol has a high energy density and can thus contribute to obesity. In addition, excessive alcohol consumption leads to countless consequential damages. Because of this, alcohol should only be consumed in moderation. No more than two alcoholic beverages should be consumed daily.


Smoking increases the risk of prostate cancer and other types of cancer. Therefore, keep your hands off the nicotine.


In general, it is important to drink enough throughout the day. About 1.5 to 2 liters daily with low-calorie drinks such as water or unsweetened teas are recommended. The fluid intake should also be adjusted according to the circumstances.