How Dangerous Are My Blocked Coronary Arteries Acute Blockage

After the heart surgery, you may feel groggy for a few days. It’s not uncommon to experience anxiety or depression after heart surgery. 

The Day before the Surgery

Before surgery, it’s best to prepare yourself and your loved ones by talking about what will happen during the operation with your healthcare provider. One common misconception is that you need to take a sedative before the procedure. This is not true, and you should only take a sedative if your doctor recommends it.

Consider it as a Vacation

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to return to work right away after the surgery, so make sure you talk with your employer about how long they expect you to be out of work and whether they have any health benefits that will help cover some of the costs associated with your recovery.

You should also reach out to friends or family members for emotional support in this time of transition and isolation.