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Heart disease is the #1 killer in America, so it’s important to take steps to reduce your risk of heart attack. Eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and avoiding smoking are all great ways to keep your heart in good shape.

It’s All in the Foods You Eat

But eating the right foods can also help protect you from a heart attack by lowering cholesterol and controlling blood pressure. 

Eating too much Fat 

If you’re eating more than 20 grams of fat per day, it’s likely that you are at a higher risk of developing heart disease. One of the top causes of heart disease is high cholesterol, and fat is one type of food that can contribute to high cholesterol levels. Eating too much saturated fat from animal sources can lead to high cholesterol levels in your blood.

Not Eating enough fiber 

Eating enough fiber can help prevent heart disease. Fiber lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease.