Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

Ask yourself,  how can I reduce my cardiovascular risk factors in my daily life? How to have a healthy living heart?


There are steps you can do to increase your chances of preventing heart disease, even if you have a number of risk factors. You are aware that you need to quit smoking, eat well, and exercise.


Steps to consider for having Healthy Heart

  • Have frequent checkups: Get a physical at least yearly in order to ensure you are in good health and to check for any conditions that could increase your chance of developing heart disease.

  • Monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels: Monitor your cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Your doctor can assist you with this if you receive frequent checks, but you may also utilize a home blood pressure monitor or a blood pressure machine found in a pharmacy. Your blood pressure can be checked by your pharmacist as well.

  • Control your diabetes: If you suffer from diabetes, be sure to monitor your glucose levels carefully, eat healthfully, and exercise.

  • Take your medications as prescribed:  if you are on cholesterol, blood pressure, or diabetic drugs. Do not stop taking your medications if you have unpleasant side effects. Ask about alternative possibilities instead.