Massage Services in South Korea: A Lifestyle Technique to Stay Healthy

Getting a regular massage (마사지 ) in South Korea is very much a part of South Korean culture and lifestyle, being a relaxation technique that brings many health benefits

A Closer Look at the Many Health Benefits of Massages

Several studies have gathered data that show how massages promote blood circulation, which in turn increases the nutrients and oxygen in the red blood cells flowing throughout the body. Such conditions even out the heart rate and lower blood pressure, whilst promoting the release of endorphins.

What are Endorphins? – Endorphins are one of several neurotransmitters released as peptides by the brain to convey relief from pain. In many cases it conveys feelings of well being, which gives the cardiovascular system a boost.

When in South Korea, be in the know that massage clinics are widely available throughout the country. Spas and beauty shops also offer massage services in different styles and techniques. However, due to language barriers, some tourists got more than what they bargained for; not realizing that they ordered an extreme type of massage service.

Be clear about the purpose of getting a massage and hpw much you are willing to pay for the massage therapy.

Choosing a Massage Service Provider

When choosing a massage service provider in South Korea, it would be wise to research about the best massage shops and spas near you in your South Korean location. Although South Korean cities are generally safe, the situation is no different than in one’s own country, where criminal elements lurk in the shadows to scam or swindle tourists who are too trusting.

Tourists are advised not to wander on their own when looking for massage studios or shops; lest they become an easy target for criminal elements. Some visitors who were too eager to experience the therapy provided by supposedly popular massage parlors, were lured into going to an unsafe neighborhood instead.

Be wary of studios or shops with seemingly inviting red or pink lights, because they are the first signs that the shop offers a more intimate and illegal kind of massage services.

When choosing a technique or variation, it’s better to communicate by way of hand gestures to make clear you are discussing the same kind of massage variation. Some were surprised to find out that a Thai massage in SoKor is a lot different than the Thai massage they experienced in Thailand.