Obesity, a Serious Threat to Heart Health

Obesity has been making people’s quality of life from all over the world poorer for decades, as it causes serious heart and other health disorders. Every year, one in every four deaths in the US is caused by a heart disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Ways Obesity Affect Heart Health

There are three ways obesity is responsible for causing heart disease:

Change your cholesterol levels.
Obesity sharply increases triglyceride and bad cholesterol levels due to the condition lowering high-density lipoproteins (HDL) cholesterol. The latter is important in removing the bad cholesterol which reduces your risk of obtaining heart diseases.

Cause your blood pressure to rise
Blood pressure is higher among obese individuals as they need more blood to supply their body nutrients and oxygen. Heart attack is commonly caused by high blood pressure, which is also common for obese individuals to have.

Obesity can lead to diabetes.
Individuals affected by obesity are also at high risk of developing diabetes, aside from blood pressure, heart conditions, and high cholesterol. The American Heart Association discovered that there are at least 68% individuals in the age group of 65 and older that both have heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, they also mentioned how diabetes makes the individual affected by the condition to be two to four times at risk for heart diseases. In fact, the association listed it as one of seven major factors that are still controllable to prevent contracting heart diseases.

Lose Weight and Get Healthy to Reduce Risks

The first thing that individuals affected by obesity should do, especially those who have a family history of any heart disease, is to eat a balanced diet and regularly exercise. A medical professional can help them a personalized exercise plan and diet that would help them improve their health.

However, exercise and diet is not enough to achieve a healthy weight for some and might require surgical procedures. If the person is already diagnosed as obese, we recommend the use of a new weight loss supplement called Exipure. This new supplement comes with a money back guarantee that weight loss can be achieve by increasing the brown fat adipose tissues that aid in the body’s calorie burning processes. Its efficiency has been attested in Exipure consumer reports, mot only as being efficient but also as a safe method of solving high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure issues in obese individuals.

Still, before opting to use wright loss pill, drugs or bariatric surgery, consultation with a cardiologist is important. That way, you can be provided with a “cardiac clearance”in relation to high cholesterol and heart-related conditions. Any issues that might create complications will be observed by your cardiologist before you go for the surgery.

A healthy diet and regular exercise is still required even after the surgery, and bariatric patients have consume more protein and exercise more so that they won’t lose any bone or muscle weight instead of fat. The heart is also a muscle which means that exercise and proper diet will ensure that your heart remains health, lowering your risks of developing heart diseases.