Lowering The Risk Of Heart Disease 

Even though you might not be giving it a lot of thought all throughout the day, your heart is constantly working for you. The most significant muscle in your body is your heart, which transports oxygen and blood to all of your organs.

Doctor with stethoscope

Steps to prevent heart disease

There are steps everybody can do to increase the chances of preventing heart disease, even if they have a number of risk factors. Aside from exercising, eating well, and giving up smoking hre are some actions that can be done:


Get frequent checkups: Have a physical at least once a year to make sure you are in good health and to check for any conditions that could increase your chance of developing heart disease.


Monitor the levels of blood pressure and cholesterol. Having regular checkups, the doctor can help you with this., but you can also use a home blood pressure monitor. Your blood pressure can be checked by your pharmacist as well.


Control your diabetes: When you have diabetes, be sure to monitor your blood sugar levels carefully, eat healthfully, and exercise.

Take your medications : if you are on blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes. Religiously take the medications if you have unpleasant side effects. Ask about alternative possibilities instead.