Keys to a Heart-healthy Diet: Avoiding Cardiovascular Disease

Even if you are aware that a certain diet can raise your risk of heart disease. It can be difficult to alter one’s eating habits. The following are guidelines for a heart-healthy diet that may be used by anyone. Whether you’re trying to undo years of poor eating habits or just want to start fresh.

The Four Keys of a Good Heart-Healthy Diet

The four most important aspects of a heart-healthy diet are listed below:

Restrain your Appetite

It’s not just what you eat, but how much of it, that matters. It’s easy to consume more calories than necessary if you habitually eat to fullness rather than stopping when you’re satisfied.

Increase your Intake of Fruits and Vegetables

Vitamins and minerals can be found in abundance in plant foods. Also, the calorie and fiber content of vegetables and fruits is quite low and high, respectively.

Choose Grains that aren’t Refined

Microfiber and other nutrients included in whole grains help keep cardiovascular health in check. Including whole grains to a heart-healthy diet is as easy as replacing processed grains.

Avoid Excess Trans Fats

Reduce your chance of developing coronary heart disease and lower your blood cholesterol levels by limiting your intake of saturated and trans fats. Plaque formation in the arteries, known as atherosclerosis, is associated with high blood cholesterol and can raise the likelihood of cardiovascular disease.