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About the author

fotoI am a medical doctor. For the past 30 years I have been working as a general practitioner in my own office in Hamburg, Germany. Even though I am very critical of orthodox medicine in general and the conventional treatment of heart patients in particular, I still practice conventional medicine myself. My daily work is based on the generally accepted principles of modern scientific medicine. However, I have always endeavored to educate myself beyond the confines presented by this model from the moment I started practicing as a doctor.

One of my earliest forays beyond these confines led me to acupuncture. This is an effective treatment method for many ailments and very beneficial for heart patients. I also studied the flowing movements of Tai-Chi for 10 years. This practice enabled me to really grasp the concepts underlying traditional Chinese medicine.

For several years I tried to learn the principles of Ayurveda, the classical Indian system of natural medicine. I studied different approaches to psychology, experienced „ecstatic trance“, healing practices used by Amazonian shamans and other traditional healing methods. I am very fond of traveling. I have taken a lot of trips to Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Central and South America. Foreign cultures have always been a source of fascination to me, as are the different approaches to health and disease and the different forms of healthcare practiced across the world.  In 2010 I worked as a general practitioner in the slums of Calcutta. This work organized by a German medical relief committee, „Doctors for the 3rd World“, was very demanding and extremely satisfying.

As a young doctor, I first came across scientific studies that made it fairly evident that the traditional heart-attack model is flawed. Soon I had an idea of the defect typically seen in the heart’s control system in heart attack patients. This marked the start of my extensive study of the scientific literature available on the subject of heart attack. I have continued these studies up to the present.

In 1982, I was one of the founding members of the West German section of the „International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War“ („IPPNW“). For five years I was a member of the executive committee of this organization, which quickly expanded to over 10,000 doctors. In 1985, the IPPNW was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

I am married to my vivacious wife Elizabeth who comes from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We live in Hamburg, have two grown children and two delightful grandchildren.