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The purpose of the website

The target group includes patients after a heart attack, patients with angina/heart seizures and their relatives and friends. This site is of interest for anybody who wants to prevent a heart attack.

The purpose of the website: Advice for an effective prevention of a heart attack.

The starting point: There is a substantial lack of knowledge about the ineffectiveness of heart catheter and stents and bypass surgery: Heart patients and people in general do not know that these treatments improve symptoms, but fail to deliver in terms of preventing subsequent heart attacks and in extending patients’ life expectancy. They fail to deliver where it matters most.

Patients undergo heart catheter/stenting and bypass surgery in the belief that these procedures are appropriate to protect them against a heart attack and will give them a chance to live longer. Everybody is persuaded of this. But the international studies to evaluate the sense of these interventions show clearly:
– Balloon catheter and stents are suitable for reducing complaints. Heart catheter and stents do not prevent heart attacks(!) and do not prolong life(!).
– Bypass surgery does not prevent further heart attacks(!). Patients who suffer only mild symptoms do not live a day longer as a result of the operation(!).

These facts are hard to believe, but these results are proven and evidenced as it is shown in detail in this website.

What is the reason for these deceptive results? Heart catheter and stents dilate coronary narrowings, by placing surgical bypasses the coronary stenoses are detoured. These interventions take the edge off the coronary plaque build up. Why do these measures not help?

The solution to the question lies in the capacity of the human body to build an extensive diversion around the severely blocked parts of the vessels, thereby creating a natural bypass system in the heart muscle. Nature is well capable of helping itself. If the blood flow in the coronary artery is severely constricted, the body develops a new bundle of vessel pathways to bypass the stenosis. This dense network of vessels prevents any damage to the heart muscles that could be caused by the stenosis. A surgical bypass cannot improve on this natural bypass network.

This website provides detailed and illustrative information about this topic. The best demonstration of this is to watch the 5-minutes-heart catheter film on this website. Anyone watching this short film will inevitably doubt the sense of heart catheter and bypass surgery.

Following a heart attack, a lot of people have a hard time getting back onto their feet. The huge amounts of pills these patients have to take do not seem to help. The medication often has the opposite effect from the intended.  Patients experience a loss of vitality, a lack of drive and they suffer from mood swings. Some never actually manage to put the pieces back together again.

Statins, to lower cholesterol, are always part of the daily pill package of every heart patient. The benefit for a heart patient is ridiculous: around 200 patients have to take a statin every day over a year to prevent 1 heart attack of 1 single person.  It is really more difficult to win by playing roulette than to be this lucky person.

On the other hand it is dangerous to take statins: statins stimulate the process of aging. And, too little cholesterol is damaging. It was striking that in various studies, many patients who died from cancer had low levels of cholesterol. Older people in particular appear to require higher (!) levels of cholesterol to live longer; lower levels are associated with an increased risk of mortality, particularly due to cancer and severe infections. The statins are big business without profit for the patients.

This website provides understandable explanations that heart attacks are caused by different reasons. Coronary plaques build-up is one of the many causes and certainly not the most important one. According to the latest research, heart attack patients suffer from a certain characteristic defect in the heart’s control system. The relaxation properties of these patients are seriously diminished, which leads to angina and heart attack.

What can be done better to prevent a heart attack? This website recommends strengthening the relaxation properties: stress relief, more sleep, earlier to bed, tender love care as a main healing and prophylactic measure, yoga and other Asian arts. Furthermore, a Mediterranean diet: olive oil, bread, a lot of fruit and vegetables, no day  without fresh fruit, more fish than meat, preferably white meat in the form of poultry, and a glass of wine as is common in Mediterranean countries. And above all: Forget „Low cholesterol“, don’t be afraid of having an egg for breakfast.

Last not least: this website recommends the use of „Ouabain“ for heart patients. Ouabain was the leading medication for treating heart weakness in Germany for over half a century. Today it is sadly almost unknown, overrun by the cardiological „modern“ standard pill package.

Ouabain comes from the seeds of a liana that is mainly found in tropical Africa. Ouabain decreases the frequency of heart seizures. It allows patients with heart weakness to breathe better and increases their physical capacities, even in severe cases. It undoubtedly increases the well-being of patients after a heart attack. Dr. Sroka insists that taking ouabain plays an important role in preventing heart attacks.