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How to get „Ouabain“?

The problems start once a heart patient’s appetite has been whetted and he would like to start taking ouabain. Apart from Germany and the surrounding areas, if you go to a pharmacy or your doctor and ask him for a prescription for ouabain, then he will ask you what you are talking about and say he doesn’t understand you! Ouabain or acetyl strophanthidin is unknown to most doctors.

Ouabain is only sold in Germany as a pharmaceutical product. Ouabain is only available on a doctor’s prescription and is produced in liquid form.

Dr. Wieland Debusmann, who had a heart attack himself at the young age of 42, is an expert on ouabain. On his detailed website – www.strophantus.de – all aspects of ouabain are dealt with in English.

On the Debusmann website there is a list of German doctors who prescribe ouabain. Most of them however limit their activities to German speaking patients.

There are two possibilities to get ouabain without a doctors prescription. On the one hand there are homeopathic ouabain preparations, such as “Strophactiv” D4 drops from the German company “magnet activ”, which are available via the Internet. As ouabain enfolds its effects at low dosage, this form of administration can make sense. My experience is, however, that most often higher concentrations of ouabain have better effects.

A Brazilian company „Teebrasil“ offers a “Strophantine Mother Tincture” without a doctors‘ prescription. This tincture is strong enough but varies in its content of ouabain. Contact: www.teebrasil.com .

The German pharmaceutical ouabain solutions are of good quality and the content is standardized. Every patient needs his personal dosage. It is certainly preferable to take ouabain with the support of an experienced doctor to get the best result.

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