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How dangerous are my blocked coronary arteries?

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Dear reader of this web site,

I could have kept my answer to the above question very short and just have summarized the details in 1-2 pages. You would probably then have thought this is all very interesting, even courageous of me to contradict the classical concept on this subject and that it would likely have consequences. Of course, one can make any assertion, but where is the evidence, where is the proof?

For this reason I have gone into great detail in my answer. This is not the normal internet style; the reader does not want to “scroll” through never-ending texts. I have therefore compromised and presented my text in 6 sections, which should be read one after the other. Firstly, the classical approach is presented in “Classical Concept”; the chapter “Doubts” follows, dealing with the doubtful assertions that exist with regard to this concept. Then the main chapters follow with a large amount of illustrative material: “The Riddle’s Solution”, “Acute Blockage” and “The Small Plaques”. I finally deal with the question of what the chances are of replacing the classical view. For those readers that would like to study the text at their leisure and prefer to read print rather than from a screen, I have included a print version. (Print version)

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